Jason Fitzpatrick,

New Media designer.

Jason Fitzpatrick of Vernon BC is a Graphic Designer, or more specifically a New Media Designer, as his work involves emerging technolgy. Jason has worked on a wide variety of projects involving Design including Graphic Art, Filmmaking, Photography, Illustrative work, layout, and dynamic and responsive Web Development, including mobile apps.
Graphic Designer alone just doesn’t say enough.

We want your business’ image to live up to your hard earned good name and draw crowds of happy people. When your customers are happy, and you are happy, we know we’ve done our job right… and that makes us pretty happy.

Let’s work on an original look, and a fresh look for your company, a coffee table book showcasing your greatest creations, a new business card with you in your awesome new T-shirt, or a wild idea that no one has thought of yet, (except us). Whichever direction you choose Design Post Media will get you there in style.

Please browse around the site and have a look at what we offer, and thanks for visiting!

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